3 Quick Ideas for Investing in People

So when I hit the Schedule button on the post, A worthy Investment, I didn’t feel like I was finished talking. I mean, I was still contemplating the HOW of the sort of investing I discussed. Honestly, more for me than you.

As a mother of three – all in their twenties by the end of the year – I know how to invest in people in that respect. I know how to set aside my needs and live for another’s. I have invested to the highest degree possible, I have died to self for the life of another. That’s what moms do, daily. We’re awesome.

Is that always what will be required to invest in someone though? Because I’ll be honest, that’s too much commitment for me right now, you say.

I don’t think it is, I think investing is something we can do on a daily basis with all those we come in contact with. It can be as time-consuming and selfless as mothering but we get to decide each case individually.

Here are three ideas that I came up with this morning. I’m sure there will be more but let’s start here.

1. Mentoring a Twenty-Something

Do you think there is a rise in young people… what’s the word? Floundering? Have you seen the lost look in their eyes that says, “What next? There is something next isn’t there? Please tell me this isn’t all there is.”

People used to be more grown-up by the time they reached 21 or 22. Many were married maybe even with a child already. Society tells our young people to stay a kid as long as they can now. At a crucial time in their lives, so many seem reluctant to grow up and chase after their dreams. Maybe it’s because so many of us “grown-ups” are doing life wrong. We’re stressed, overwhelmed, and obsessed with things rather than relationships. But that is a post for another day.

If that’s the reason though, I don’t blame them. We need to show them something different. We need to be different. We need to make people the priority over new and shiney objects. If we start pouring into them, things may change.

I think it’s important I mention that I’m not talking about our own kids. I love when others invest things that I don’t have into my kids. Like wisdom that I haven’t obtained or experiences I can’t give them. Of course, we pour into our own and then also those that happen to be in our life because of where we live, work, or enjoy life.


2. Calling Out Potential

Back in 2010, my son was involved in what our church at that time called a Robing Ceremony. I had never experienced it before and that night I Ieft amazed. The ceremony was for the seniors about to graduate high school. They chose someone whom they admired and had impacted on their life. That adult then came forward and laid hands on the student and spoke blessings over them. They verbalized the incredible things they saw in the student and called their dormant potential to life. It was profound. It reminded me of Romans 4:17b, “the God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not.” 

Think about that, we can do that with nearly everyone we meet. People we don’t even know can be impacted with a few powerful words. When someone holds the door open for me, instead of saying thank you I can speak life into them with words like, “You are a very thoughtful, caring person.” It goes beyond just a compliment. We call out their potential and they become what they may not have realized they are. We can do the same when someone wrongs us, we can still speak life. We just have to kindly say the opposite of what they just did. To the boy who broke your favorite chair, you may tell him that you’re surprised because you’ve always seen him as careful and respectful. To the woman at work who talks behind your back, you may confront her by telling her that you’re saddened because you’ve always seen her as gracious and kind. Let’s decide today not to side with the enemy to take these people down but instead to be on God’s team and redeem them.

I don’t know about you but I’m going to be praying to have eyes to see others as God sees them. He already knows who they are and their potential and if we ask, he’ll tell us.


3. Sharing Our Spiritual Gifts

God gave us all spiritual gifts and I believe this is a great way to use them. You do realize we carry these gifts outside of the church building too, right? God’s plan is for us to edify the church, not just my church or your church but Christ’s (big C) Church. And that Church is all around us, waiting to be birthed into the Kingdom.

As a side note- I believe we make the mistake of letting our spiritual gifts divide us? We find ourselves in churches where all the fellowship are endowed similarly. We go where we’re comfortable and no one, even unintentionally, makes us feel like they know the Lord better than we do. If we don’t have the gift of tongues then we don’t believe it’s a gift for today. If we haven’t experienced a word of knowledge then we see an individual who has this gift as an attention seeker. If we are not prophetic, we convince ourselves that the person’s words are their own. And on it goes, the man gifted with exhortation is butting in where he doesn’t belong. Gift of faith? Be real, that can never happen.

Spiritual gifts were given for the good of those around us. Let’s starting using them to build others up.


So what do you think? Are these doable? Do you have any ideas of your own that you’d like to add?


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