An open letter to Joanna Gaines

Hi Joanna!

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Lauren and I am a big fan of your television show, Fixer Upper.

I watched every episode until we recently decided to get rid of cable. Fixer Upper is one of the few quality shows that cable has to offer. We just couldn’t fathom paying to have the rest of that junk piped into our house any longer.

I’m going to miss you and Chip!

Your design show always lacked the usual unnecessary drama that other home renovation shows force on their viewers. Drama that intends to leave the audience on the edge of their seats throughout most of the show questioning whether or not the renovators/builders/owners will meet the budget and/or time constraints. How stupid do they think their viewers are? I have enough drama in my life, I don’t turn on HGTV of all channels to get ulcers. If I get an ulcer I’m determined that it will be over my own life’s budget and time constraints, ya know what I’m saying?

I was obsessed with your show; you are truly a talented couple. Chip’s building skills coupled with your incredible design talent make for a magnificent final outcome each and every episode.

Alright, enough of that, let me get to the real reason for this letter.

As a married woman, I want to thank you for the example you set. It is an example that I rarely see on television these days.

When your husband, Chip, lets his personality (along with his belly) hang out for all to see, you take it in stride. Could it be that you think he is as adorable as he thinks he is? I see a look in your eyes when you glance at him and it looks like love from my seat here on my leather sofa. I can only assume that means your children see it too. Bravo!

The two of you obviously have very different personalities and yet you let him be him. You are smart and accomplished but still allow for him to be the man of the family. You seem to look up to him and respect him. I loved seeing that!

Over the years in my marriage, I have made the mistake of thinking that how my husband acted in public directly reflected on me. I haven’t always handled myself as well as you when he responded or acted in a way that I wouldn’t have. I guess I struggle with just letting him be him. So thank you for letting me see how beautiful it is to witness a woman adoring her husband simply for who he is.

Sadly, everywhere I turn on television today there are women who tear down the men around them. Sitcoms, reality shows, and even commercials are filled with male characters that come across as just plain stupid. I highly doubt this will lift females but instead simply tear down families. These men they are portraying are our husbands, brothers, sons, and the fathers of our children. They deserve respect. I’m tired of our children being bombarded by images that depict men as idiots. I’m tired of seeing them myself and possibly being influenced by those images.

Your example has made me examine myself and my attitude.

Don’t get me wrong, I have great examples of good wives among my friends. But to see a beautiful, strong, educated, talented woman on television treat her man, like a man, it’s rare and a pleasure to watch.

Thank you! As I said I’ll miss watching your show but living in Austin with a daughter in college in Dallas, I guarantee you’ll see my face around the silos once in awhile when I drive through Waco.


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