High Anxiety

Do you struggle with anxiety? Or maybe you know someone who does?

I do!

Sometimes if feels more like just simple fear but really it’s fear that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Like for example, I get anxious when I have to go through any type of drive-thru. A bank, a car wash, a fast food lane, all of these make me stress out. I have to plan it through in my head beforehand. I may even have to talk myself through it as I go.

Does that sound crazy or have you had this feeling? I guess it could relate in some way to claustrophobia. Maybe?

I can get out of the car and walk in the bank, talk to everyone with a smile on my face but God-forbid I get there after lobby hours and the drive-thru is my only option. I make myself do it because I know the anxiety makes no sense but there was a time when it owned me. It controlled me when it was coupled with a 6 year bout of depression. But no more!

I repeat over and over:

The Lord has not given me a spirit of fear but of love, power, and a sound mind!


I can do everything through Christ Who strengthens me!

I had to go to the bank today and I actually went through the drive-thru on purpose. I kind of punished myself for being a wacknut. I was just sitting here wondering how many others are crazy like me. Anyone?

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