I’m feeling great. Thanks for asking.

It’s been a few days since I started taking Plexus so I thought I would give an update. If I document it here I won’t forget, which I tend to do these days. I am currently taking the Plexus Slim, BIOCleanse, and ProBio5.

So I started on Friday morning and right now it’s Monday afternoon.

I drink the Plexus Slim when I first wake up. I have the packet along with a bottle of water on my bedside table and it’s the first thing I do. Then when I’m reading my Bible my wonderful husband brings me my coffee. He’s always been an early riser so he’s pretty excited to see me awake before he leaves for work. (The point of that was to tell you that yes, I’m still drinking coffee. Of course, I am.)

Next I take two BIOcleanse about 30 minutes after lunch – I’ve never been a breakfast person – and then two more 30 minutes after dinner. Lastly, I pop two ProBio5‘s just before I go to sleep. It’s easy peasy and not much to think about.

As I said, I’m feeling great.

Here are a few things – some that surprised me – that I’ve noticed so far:

  • I wake up at 7AM, my normal wake up time was closer to 9AM. I’m also wide awake and ready for the day. not my usual groggy self.
  • I can tell I’ve lost a little weight in my stomach but as I said I don’t have a scale (by choice) so can’t know how much weight for sure.
  • I have not had night sweats since Thursday. This was a major issue for me and sometimes they were bad enough to wake in the middle of the night. My clothes, the sheets, everything would be soaked. My husband thanks you, Plexus.
  • I have incredible focus. I actually remember why I went into the pantry!!
  • And (drum roll please) I have loose stool. TMI? Well, just trying to be real. The cleanse is cleaning me out which is a good thing.

I think that’s it. Overall I am pleasantly surprised that from day one I’ve noticed the difference and have had no bad side effects that weren’t obviously expected.


Journey: My Plexus Journey July 10th, 2015

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