I’m Not Depressed, I’m Just an Introvert

Am I the only introvert who has extroverted, or as they like to call themselves – normal, friends? Probably not.

I’m thinking it might not have been the best idea for me to have befriended so many from this people group. They tend to look at me as if I have a terminal disease. They honestly seem to feel sorry for me and probably wonder if medication is necessary.

I understand that it is hard for an extrovert, someone who feeds off the energy of other people, to understand that I am simply drained by others and need my time to recharge. And I get that it doesn’t seem like that is a true statement when they see me interacting with people because I do love people. I love being around people, laughing, and acting a fool.

Being an introvert isn’t about disliking people, really it isn’t. In fact, I need to be around people now and then just not nearly as much as the “normal” people.

I enjoy being alone. Being at home. In the quiet. Yes, I can think for hours with no other noise around me. I like thinking. I love reading. Sometimes I need to get alone with God and be silent waiting on Him to speak. I’m even okay when He doesn’t.

And when I’m all charged up, filled with peace, then and only then can I go out and enjoy the chaos of the world. And it’s really okay to be this way, even though other people don’t understand it. Trust me, I don’t get those “normal” people either.


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