Life’s Bumps

I don’t have all the answers. My offspring – it’s awkward referring to your twenty-something children, as children – are always the first to point that out. I’ve lived though, for over half of a century, and that should count for something don’t you think?

Over the years, I have lost a child to miscarriage, a home to the bank, and a business to a bad economy. I’ve also gained things like weight and debt. That’s some living, right? Not necessarily the kind of living I had anticipated when I was a bold twenty-one year old moving to California on my own with plans take over the world. But living nonetheless.

So when I give advice, really it’s my attempt to spare you the pain of going through some of the tough stuff that I failed to avoid. Or maybe I’m throwing it out there so you can see that you have choices. You may not want to take the easy way that is guaranteed to always turn into the hard way.

You certainly don’t need to be young to hear truth like that. Sometimes I still need to be reminded.

I was thinking through our last few months of bumps in the road, which looked a whole lot more like mountains from my perspective, and wondering why this time things feel different. We’re by no means on the other side of our problems, but I can see the light in the proverbial tunnel and I have hope. Hope for a better tomorrow and many more better tomorrows. This time it really feels like we learned something and if you’ll be so kind as to let me ramble a bit I’ll share the notes I jotted down during my quiet time this morning.


At the start of the problem or trial you have to decide what outcome is it that you desire. Do you want to just get the problem solved or do you want to know God better in the end? Because that is going to define how you respond. Do you just find a solution to the problem or do you trust God and let him find the solution. His way always takes longer. It’s harder. But so much more freeing and when He comes to your aid, and He will, you will find the solution and the wondrous, powerful presence of God surrounding you.

It’s not so much advice as it is, experiential thoughts, or afterthoughts if you will. Trials will come, Jesus said they will and He never lies. If you’re breathing you’re either in a trial or heading towards one and learning to grow through them makes looking back on them easier. Whether you believe in God or even god, we are all on a level playing field when it comes to bumps in the road. Basically a bump will tear the crap out of your underbody if you don’t just slow down. And really that may be all that’s needed. To slow down and see what God has to say about your situation.

He uses life to get our attention. To teach us Who He is. To grow and shape our minds. To mold us into the image of His Son. The quicker we learn this, I learn this, the quicker I can get this bump in my rearview mirror.


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