Maybe a minute was hopeful thinking

I admit it, it took a lot longer than a minute to launch

But here’s the good news – we are launched and ready to serve the Lord!

I would love for you to check us out  on the website, facebook page, and other social media channels that you use. Let me know what you think.

Another change since August is that I am no longer doing Plexus. I found that the product that had the most effect on me was the probiotic. So I decided to purchase a good quality probiotic and skip the whole, Plexus, Plexus, Plexus thing. There is really only one thing that I’m radically crazy for and that’s Jesus. He is my one thing. If I’m going to die on any hill it’s His. So, as much as I believe in good gut health and that it affects our thinking, I choose not to be known for Plexus but instead Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

That’s it for now.

I missed it here and I’m excited to have the time to be back.



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