It’s been a few days since I started taking Plexus so I thought I would give an update. If I document it here I won’t forget, which I tend to do these days. I am currently taking the Plexus Slim, BIOCleanse, and ProBio5. So I started on Friday morning and right […]

I’m feeling great. Thanks for asking.

I’ll be honest. I love WordPress. I’m a WordPress junky. I was using WordPress when the Internets were still calling this thing you’re reading a weblog. Does anyone use a feedreader anymore? Yeah, that’s how long I’ve loved WordPress. So if you want my advice you should use… WordPress. Now […]

Starting a Blog

I’m a little late to the game but I’m all in on the simplify bandwagon. Clutter has always bothered me. Too many things or choices, well they are just not necessary. If we’re going to make this 2020 Plan happen then simplifying is the name of the game. Wow, idiomize much, […]

Simplify to Happiness

I guess I could label myself the more pleasant term of thinker instead of analyzer. I can’t let a conversation go without first running over everything said to see if I failed to pick up on something that wasn’t said at that time. I’m telling you, I am a man’s worst […]

I Am An Analyzer

Do you struggle with anxiety? Or maybe you know someone who does? I do! Sometimes if feels more like just simple fear but really it’s fear that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Like for example, I get anxious when I have to go through any type of drive-thru. […]

High Anxiety

If you’re anything like me then you’ve probably been hearing a lot about Plexus lately. I’ve seen a good number of pretty incredible testimonies from people recounting not only their weightloss tales but also their just-generally-getting-healthy tales. Many have been able to get off medications for high blood pressure, lupus, […]

My Plexus Journey