Portable Income

Yeah, I made this up – portable income.

What I mean by portable is that it’s income that I can continue to make when I spend time in other countries. It’s going to be pretty darn important to have this established before the fulfillment of the 2020 plan.

I currently run a small web media firm that I am focused on growing.

Along with website development, maintenance, and social media services, it includes website hosting. The servers are located in two different data centers here in the United States. Regardless of where we end up they will continue to be maintained here. If you are thinking about starting your own website/blog  or you already have a site up would you be willing to give me the opportunity to host it? I promise you’ll experience the best customer service this side of heaven.

 I am a Health Coach who swears by the Anovite Products.

The American public’s health is in trouble because of the food we eat, the lack of vitamins and nutrients in it, and the sedentary lifestyle. Every one of us should take a good probiotic, eat as clean and whole as possible, and get up and move our bodies. Even when doing this many have leaky gut issues or the auto-immune diseases that develop when left untreated. Contact me for information on some of the best products available worldwide to start getting your gut healthy today!

I am also a Life Coach through Rebelogix.


Every day we hear of a crisis or traumatic event that cripples the lives of people around us. According to National Association for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, 60% of men and 50% of women will experience and suffer a horrific event in their lives. Stress disorders are the most common mental health illness affecting nearly 40 million Americans annually. It’s also estimated that over seven million adults suffer with PTSD alone in any given year.

Yet we also know that during times of hardship, people are most open to change. The great paradox is that during “these times” God is not the author of evil and such horror, but He is our loving redeemer. He uses these events and times of brokenness to reveal Himself… to let us know that His grace is always available and sufficient. And in those times, God uses people who care to share His message of hope.

As a Life Coach my training is in both Biblical Stress/Trauma care and Health/Wellness guidance. I have been certified both in CISM (immediate short term care) and coaching (long term care). 

It is my sincere desire to facilitate healing through Christ for those who are confronting some difficult trials:

  • Domestic/Sexual Abuse
  • Witness of Violence
  • Car Accidents
  • Thoughts of Suicide
  • Death of a Loved One
  • Financial Struggles
  • Marriage Problems
  • Weight/Health Issues

I abide by a Code of Conduct.