When Lazy is Actually a Health Issue

I have a habit of looking at thin people and assuming they are healthy. I think a lot of us do.

I forget that some people have a high-functioning metabolism or an overactive thyroid. Or maybe it’s something bad, maybe they have a drug problem or live off of diet cokes and cigarettes to curb their appetite and avoid putting on the pounds. Maybe it isn’t exercise and a healthy diet that’s keeping them thin at all.

I was always thin growing up. I could eat mint chocolate chip ice cream and doritos for lunch and stay thin. Now while thin isn’t a word I would use to describe myself at this time, I have never been more than twenty pounds or so over my ideal, pie-in-the-sky, unicorns-are-real (size 4) weight. And that being mostly recent since my hormones are wacking out on me and every year I some how – no matter what I do – seem to get older.

I have on the other hand always, and I mean ALWAYS, needed over nine – preferably ten, eleven is better – hours of nightly sleep. I have been known to tell people, some I just met, that I am a sleep expert and that I could actually teach a course on the art of sleeping, college level.

If I’m going to be totally honest here, as I’ve aged no one has ever accused me of being high energy or on amphetamines if you catch my drift. I like to be home and I like to relax. Being an introvert, I’ve always thought it was part of the package. Reading, reading is good. Netflix marathon? I’m in! Oh and lying out in the sun. Let’s be real, if an activity includes just laying there well, howdy doody, count me in!

I am in awe and confused by women who get everything crossed off their to do lists each day. Women who grocery shop at 9 in the morning? Wash their windows? Not gonna do it. Deep clean their bathrooms? No law could ever make me. They do realize that these things are just going to have to be done again in another year or two, don’t they?

Then along came Plexus and I am no longer a slug.

I am not even exaggerating. My husband will gladly vouch for me.

I sleep 7-8 hours and that’s all I need. I am awake at 7AM every stinkin’ morning, no alarm is necessary. I am refreshed and ready for the day. I accomplish things. Necessary things, and they are finished before noon. I know!! I am finally crossing things off a list that I wrote in 2008. This is a huge change. This is a different me.

As long as I can remember I have always thought I was just born relaxed. If anything goes on long enough it feels normal as if it is an actual character trait. People begin to just accept that that is who you are. I accepted it.

But that’s not who I am anymore. I have energy and focus.

I’m serious, if I wanted to, I could easily get my bathroom clean now. If.

I used to stack items on the stairs in hopes that I would feel like taking them up when I went up to bed. I find myself mindlessly going up and down those stairs throughout the day.

I’m about to go out on a limb but don’t worry, this isn’t unfamiliar territory to me.

If sin is missing the mark, imperfection. And unhealthy is our bodies not being perfect, then unhealthy is sin. And it is NOT God’s plan for us.

On the other hand, being healthy is good, excellent, righteous if you will. It is God perfect plan. We are much more useful to the Kingdom when we are healthy, both physically and emotionally.

I admit, I originally started taking the Plexus products mainly to lose the excess twenty pounds. I knew, because of the testimonies that I had read, that people were getting healthy but I didn’t feel unhealthy so I didn’t really think about that aspect. I was just happy to hear that other people who needed to were getting healthy.

It’s only been ten days which just amazes me. I can’t imagine ever going back to the old me. As I see the pounds dropping off and stomach getting flatter, I’m looking forward to try more of the products. It’s impossible to know how much better I can feel and I’m excited to find out.

If you want to talk a little more about this, fill out the contact form and I’ll be happy to get back with you!

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